Dear Springtime,

I purchased my now two year old Greyhound one year ago from a rescue league. Although shy but friendly, he had ongoing issues with his skin. It was dry and balding in certain areas. He also had a broken front leg, healed when I purchased him.

He walks with a limp and is now diagnosed with degenerative joint disease.

The holistic vet prescribed him many different herbs in an attempt to improve his coat and degenerative issue. She even stated that his shyness and coat condition could be a sign of a thyroid condition.

My nutritionist's assistant recommended that I use Fresh Factors. She had two Borzois years ago and had much success using the product.

I purchased Fresh Factors three weeks ago - what a difference! My dog's coat is super shiny, no longer dry and the hair appears to be growing in. He has more energy, is not as shy and his lameness has improved.

After spending hundreds of dollars on my dog I now have a product which is affordable and works! I will continue to give my Greyhound Fresh Factors for the rest of his lifetime. I will also provide information to my holistic vet and the greyhound rescue league of my success in using this product.


Judith Reyes Bermudez, Pennsylvania