Dear Springtime,

I just placed another order for Fresh Factorsfor my two dogs, Tally (Rottweiler) and Winston (Malinois). Then I thought about telling someone in my class at dog obedience training about Springtime and Fresh Factors. I am the instructor for two classes, basic and advanced, on Saturday mornings.

The message I sent is copied below (in part).

"I've been using Fresh Factors with both Tally and Winston for years. I give each dog four tablets with each meal. I buy them at this annual sale, where you can pay for two and get four containers. I get the 1,000 tablet containers. Sounds like a lot, but at 16 tablets a day, 1,000 are gone in 62 days...

I am happy with the results - very healthy dogs, great condition of the coat, and the dogs love the tablets. They can be used as training treats, but I just put them in their meals to make sure they get them every meal."

Norm Qualtrough, Virginia