Dear Springtime,

I have been giving Fresh Factors to my Akita for more than a year. I was referred to this product from the owner where I board my horse. She was giving it to her Chow. I told her about how my Akita (now eight years old) was having a lot of trouble with his rear hips, even having serious trouble getting up and walking one night. She suggested getting Fresh Factors. Since starting him on this, he has not had any more trouble with walking. He was also on allergy medicine for itching. I stopped that shortly after starting him on the Fresh Factors. He had no more trouble with the itching after taking the Fresh Factors without the allergy medicine.

I recently started giving Fresh Factors to my nine year old Dalmatian because he was limping on his front left leg. I took him to the veterinarian who prescribed an anti-inflammatory to treat what they said was possibly something to do with the tendon. This did not do much for him. He also had a couple sores on his back end, his coat was thinning, and he was losing weight. He has probably been taking Fresh Factors for about a month now. The improvement is amazing – no more limping, no more sores, and his coat is very soft, shiny, and has thickened up noticeably. I am so happy with the benefits of this supplement that I started giving it to my six year old German Shepherd mix this week. She has no health problems, but I am anxious to see the changes in her coat and overall health.

My husband, daughter, and I are all taking Tonic Blend too.

Thank you so much for the wonderful supplements your company provides!

Karen K. Frost, Indiana