Dear Springtime,

I want to thank you for manufacturing quality products. My Lab, Lucy, has had severe allergies for the past six years. She has been on many different medications and injections and I was washing her with topical shampoos to keep the allergens off of her. She was tested at a doggie dermatologist and she is allergic to every grass and tree in Florida. She has been on a special grain-free diet and still had to take medications to keep her from chewing off her feet and skin.

A friend told me about the Springtime supplements. I have tried several others that were twice as expensive and they never worked, so I thought I would try ONE more time and what a miracle happened. I started Lucy on Omega 3-6-9 and Fresh Factors and doubled the dose for her weight. Within one month, I had her almost completely weaned from her medications. She is so much better now; her coat is so soft and she hardly sheds. She rarely chews on her feet, only with normal cleaning behavior. We now have a new Chocolate Lab, Molly, and I have started her on the supplements. Her coat and skin are looking fabulous. I am so pleased with the outcome of these wonderful products. I will be ordering the Bug Off Garlic Chewables since now the mosquito and flea season is here.

Thank you so much Springtime,
Deanna Geyer-Trier, "Lucy" and "Molly," Florida