Dear Springtime,

After Fera died in October of 2009, (she was 11 and had a stroke) I vowed to have no more dogs!

Well, Dec 6th I took in a miniature Poodle mix that had been picked up off the streets of LA in July and spent two months at animal control, where she was three days from being euthanized when Poodle Rescue found her.

Nobody even responded to her photos posted on the web. Her condition was horrible. I looked at her picture every day for a week before I took her.

Her coat and skin were worse than "horrible." I didn't know what to do. Then I remember the box of Fresh Factors, in the closet- unopened. Fera's last order.

I began giving them to Shannon. Her itching is gone, her skin is no longer red and her coat is beautiful and luxurious. The furnishings on her legs have all grown back.

I rescued another full bred Miniature Poodle at the end of January and put him on Fresh Factors immediately!

Both of these kids look forward to their "cookies" every morning. So glad they are scored because they can't handle a full tablet, but gobble down one cracked in half!

We are sure on the right track once again.

Thanks so much,
Bonnie Price, California