Dear Springtime,

I was awaiting an order for Fresh Factors and comments made to me at a rally trial a couple of weeks ago came to mind. Several spectators were amazed that my six year old Bulldog, Delta Dawn, was able to compete in rally and still jump (eight inches is required for the jump for a dog her height) at her age. I attribute this athletic ability to Fresh Factors.

Delta Dawn's grandmother was seven when she showed signs of age-related joint symptoms and a friend recommended Fresh Factors. I immediately started her on it and there were no further indications of joint issues and she was able to romp around with her kids till the age of eleven. Her son showed some limping at age two and the vet talked surgery. I started him right up on Fresh Factors and he is now nine and a half and never had that surgery and is still keeping up with Delta Dawn. We decided to do preventive care with Delta Dawn and she's been on Fresh Factors since she was a little pup, and I feel it is due to Fresh Factors that we have those qualifying and placement ribbons we so proudly display. I always highly recommend Fresh Factors to fellow exhibitors.

Sandy Montuori, Connecticut