Dear Springtime,

We gave our daughter a Border Collie for her tenth birthday. She named him Elvis. He is now 14 ½ years old. A few months ago, he developed a growth by his left knee and was having difficulty walking. We took him to the vet, whom took an x-ray and said that Elvis probably had bone cancer and that his leg bone looked like a sponge. He was given less than two weeks to live.

About that time, I mentioned to a friend at work, Jeff Variel, what we were going through with our companion. He said he had these great vitamins he was going to bring and he'd like Elvis to try them. We were introduced to Fresh Factors. That was over three months ago. Although, we cannot take Elvis on long walks any longer, he has more energy and is in great spirits.

Elvis continues to eat his regular diet and takes two Fresh Factors vitamins per day; no prescription drugs. We just want to say, THANK YOU, for your wonderful product! You have changed our lives.

Mary Lesowske, Oregon