Dear Springtime,

We have a kennel that breeds and trains Coonhounds. We have been using your products for older "gals" mainly just to give them that little extra boost as they age. The difference in these dogs is phenomenal.

We started using Fresh Factors for an older Shepherd/Rottweiler named Bandit, who was diagnosed with cancer and had joint problems pretty bad. Upon taking Fresh Factorshe had much more spunk and lived another two years with a good quality of life. He lived 14 years which is wonderful for a dog his breed.

Another wonder story is Old Kate who is a legend in the Coonhound breed. She won national hunts and as she aged she became just very, very special. When diagnosed with cancer in early stages we were told she had six months to a year. I immediately started Old Kate on Fresh Factors. She lived an active life for another three years and finally passed away of a massive stroke which was her second one. I doubled her Fresh Factorsupon the first stroke, and she not only pulled out of it but was romping with some puppies. She had her final stroke three months later, and I have to add it was the stroke, not the cancer at all, that finally took her life.

We have two other old gals that are quite special to us that are getting your Longevity now. Their energy, brightness of the eyes, their shiny coats and the general well being more than say enough for the quality of your fine product.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!
Lavena Spade Jenkins, Pennsylvania
Sharp Tooth Kennels