Dear Springtime,

We got our second Siberian Husky from rescue and we had her for about eight to nine months before we started seeing problems. One day we came home to find the living room curtains and rods torn off of every window, the drapes torn off the dining room windows and also torn off the back door. She did that two times before we finally decided to put the door back up in the dining room and keep it closed.

For a while, that worked. She seemed to stay calmer during the day when she was able to sit and look out the window of our bedroom. That worked for a while, too, until she decided to go through the screen window and wander around on the roof of our house. I got a call at work from a neighbor saying that Lady was on the roof of the house. Because my neighbor is rather a comedian anyway, it took him several times of telling me before I was convinced he wasn't kidding. I ran home to find her hanging out and enjoying the day on our roof.

Now, all windows are closed and locked. We have replaced more screens than we care to admit. Windowsills have been completely ripped off. We have bought many, many blinds to replace the ones she has destroyed. She learned how to unlock our previous door and to get out through the screen. She learned how to jump on the sofa in the basement, unlock the window and squeeze through the bars to get outside. She has torn down our dryer vent many times. And the biggie, she ate a hole in our solid wood back door – a big hole. We had to replace it with a steel door.

I am sure you are asking yourself why we did not crate her. Ahh, but we tried that. She was able to slide the tray out, destroy our rug underneath and get out.

Enough was enough. We decided that she had damaged about as much as she could, and we had taken as many precautions as we could, and that we would just live day to day with whatever happens. Some days were good, many days were not. And the stress... oh, gosh, the stress! We are believers in not giving up, especially since she was a rescue. She had come from a bad past, had been shuffled around, and we did not want to do more damage to her. Anyway, there is more and more, but to make it a little shorter, we ordered Stress Free Calmplex from you. She has been getting it for about four weeks now. Much to our amazement, she has gone about three weeks without incidence. CAN YOU BELIEVE IT???? And, believe me, we tried everything. ...So... so far, so good. We still hold our breath everyday when we come home from work, but for now, all is well. There is less stress in our lives and hers, too. Thank a billion.

Janine Wereley, Wisconsin