Dear Springtime,

…Oh!! I finally bought some Stress Free Calmplexfor my male Beagle, "Cowboy", Ch. Cabaret's Charismatic, who has hated to show. All my dogs have been using and thriving on Fresh Factors for years, but Cowboy is the only one to have used Stress Free Calmplex. He's beautiful and has won every time he did show, but those times were few and far between. He would "freak out" at everything and nothing. It was very discouraging. Finally (he was five years old by now), he needed only one more point to get his championship, but he had needed this point for months. I put him on Stress Free Calmplex and gave him two tablets on show day. Not only did Cowboy receive his AKC Championship, but also he had a wonderful time! All day long – walking around, tail wagging, etc. It was a real first for him. What a wonderful way for him to end his show career!

Joan Simpson, California