Dear Springtime,

You are the best! Jesse, my 7 1⁄2 year old Malamute/Lab mix has been on Fresh Factors for a long time. Recently he began favoring his left hind leg. I upped the dosage and within a week he was running full speed with no limp at all! Also, he is a dog that was terrified of fireworks. One little pop in the far-off distance would send him into a panting, pacing, drooling 120 pound frenzy! I could do nothing to solve that problem. This year I decided to try Stress Free Calmplexand started him on them two weeks before the 4th of July. He hardly notices fireworks now, and we live in a lake area where they happen pretty much all summer. Now, when he hears them, I tell him to go lie down and he goes to his favorite rug and falls asleep. This is a miracle! I can scarcely believe the transformation in my handsome boy. Thank you!!!

Sandy Harley, Minnesota