Dear Springtime,

I have never seen anything work so well on our dogs as Fresh Factors and Joint Health Chewables. We had an older Sheltie, who was extremely sore and lame. Within one week of giving him these products we started seeing a difference and he just got better and better. He is gone now, but not because of his joint problems. He would limp a bit but was in no pain. He would have had to have been put down almost two years before he was because of his pain if we hadn't been able to find products like these to have helped him…

We have also tried the Stress Free Calmplexand they have worked really well on the nervous Aussie we have. She is sound sensitive and would react so badly to hearing people going by on four wheelers and dirt bikes that she would almost go into a seizure. Stress Free Calmplex has made her have a much better life also.

Eleanor Carroll, New York