Dear Springtime,

I just wanted to let you know that I started my almost six year old Chihuahua on the Stress Free Calmplex about a month ago. Someone had bought a bottle for their dog to help with the 4th of July fireworks, and gave me the leftovers. This product is wonderful! A typical Chihuahua, Lola is very skittish around people, noises, and other animals. After just four days, we took her to a state park and she couldn't have cared less about the other people and animals walking the trails. She was happy just doing her own thing. What's so great about the product is that it doesn't make her lethargic, it just takes the edge off.

We have been so pleased with the results that we brought a new puppy into the family last week. While Lola did not exactly greet him with open arms, she quickly settled down and began the process of at least tolerating her new little brother, Ringo. I absolutely believe this would not have been possible without Stress Free Calmplex...

Again, thank you so much for this product. I have recommended it to several co-workers and friends. It is truly a sanity saver!

Becky Reyes, Indiana