Dear Springtime,

I am a volunteer with Shorewood Cocker Rescue. We are a 501C3 dog rescue that has been in business for 25 years now. Our mission is to rescue Cocker Spaniels in bad situations and find them forever homes where they can spend the rest of their lives being loved and taken care of. I personally use Springtime Stress Free Calmplex on some of my older nervous dogs and especially like how it works on puppy mill rescue dogs. It makes a world of difference!

Here is a picture taken about three months ago for the local paper. The little girl Cocker in my lap is Lacy, and she was a foster/mill dog that had the advantage of taking the Stress Free Calmplex for about a month before she was adopted. The boy in the picture is my son, Alex, who is my helper. The little red Cocker perched in the back of the sofa is Daisy, currently in permanent foster with us as she is in kidney failure. The rest of the mangy crew are my boys. The one we give Stress Free Calmplex to and call it his happy pill is not in the picture, but it certainly has benefited him, and they ALL love it like a treat.

Lynne M. Turnquist
Foster Care Coordinator
Shorewood Cocker Rescue, Illinois
Photo courtesy of Samantha Pidde, Clinton Herald