Dear Springtime,

We started buying from Springtime when we lived in Lafayette, IN. My two dogs have been using your goodies since 2003. We then left for Canada in 2005 and then on to India in 2007 and our dogs continued to enjoy your good stuff. I have now come back to USA and we still buy from Springtime since they are really good for our dogs. The Fresh Factors and Joint Health Chewables have been very beneficial for our dogs. They are getting old now and we see that the Joint Health Chewables has helped them tremendously. The Stress Free Calmplex is also something we would recommend for hyper dogs. Our dogs, Buddy and Nikki, say a special thanks to Springtime. As I promised, here are their photos. Buddy is the black one and Nikki the golden one.

Satish Rao, Illinois