Dear Springtime,

I have never bought a product based on testimonials, nor have I ever sent a testimonial, but I did both with Stress Free CalmplexI got your catalog and read letters from dog owners who have used it. I had already put my abused rescue dog, Jadis, up for rehoming because we could not get past her anxiety to train her. We had been held hostage to her unsafe and unpleasant behaviors for two years. We had tried anti-depression medication to no avail. I decided to give one last try so I ordered the Stress Free Calmplex. Within a couple of days, she was a different dog. People came to the house and asked what happened to her. She is now able to focus and attend, and we are finally working on some really problematic behaviors that we had given up hope on. Looking at her, I can only imagine that she must feel relieved to not be living with the level of fear and anxiety that she had before. I don't know what is in it, but, man, is it ever working. I am sending in another order. We have told everyone we know about the product.

Thank you!
Debra Bercuvitz, Massachusetts