Dear Springtime,

Buddy is our wonderful, six year old English Bulldog. He has always been full of life and ready to play. Recently, we noticed that Buddy had lost his spirit and no longer wanted to go for his daily rides. He didn't want to do much of anything anymore. He just lay on the couch and slept. He was in a lot of pain, especially when he tried to walk.

We took Buddy to visit his vet. The vet told us that Buddy had an Achilles tendon in his leg that was giving up. We already knew that he had severe arthritis. Buddy's vet raised the dosage of his arthritis medicine, put him on stomach medicine, and suggested that we get him a cart so he could get around better.

My husband and I were broken hearted. An illness that could be treated with medicine was one thing, but seeing our sweet baby be crippled and using a cart to get around was more than we could deal with.

We called my husband's 83 year old mother when we found out what condition Buddy was in. She has always had pets and loves them so much. We thought she might have some ideas that would help Buddy feel better. When I called her that day, her helper and friend, Toni, answered the phone. After sharing our dilemma with Toni, she told us that she had just received her Springtime, Inc. catalog and thought we might find help for Buddy by ordering it. She told us about all the encouraging stories in the catalog.

I got the phone number from the website and called Springtime. It was suggested that we start Buddy on Longevity twice a day. After only five days on Longevity, we could see a difference in Buddy. His spirit has returned and he is begging to go on rides again. He still is having trouble walking any distance and he still favors his leg, but he is walking and doing so much better. We have only had Buddy on Longevity for about two weeks and already we see a big difference. We are very encouraged that continued use of Longevity will help Buddy grow strong and healthy again. Thank you, Springtime, for giving us back our baby.

Joe & Pat Kolar, Oklahoma