Dear Springtime,

Reily, my six year old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, has been having joint problems for over a year. She moved slowly, could not jump up on the furniture like her sister and niece, quit running, and had difficulty standing after sleeping. Her only relief was to sleep, which she did most of the time. She has mitral valve disorder, a common heart problem in Cavaliers; so starting her on prescription medication, with all its side effects, was out of the question.

I read about Longevity in your latest catalog and thought I would give it a try. After being on it for just two weeks, she is like a different dog. Her gait has quickened. She no longer groans and hesitates when she first awakens. She runs in the yard and up the stairs with the other two Cavaliers. She will even jump up on a chair at times. Her energy level has increased, as has her stamina.

The results were so miraculous that I started it on her sister, Lindsay, and even give it to Lindsay's ten month old puppy, Blaze. All three love the taste, and it has eliminated the "doggy breath" that the two adult dogs had.

Thank you so much for developing this product.

Deborah Schwanz, Florida