Dear Springtime,

My older German Shepherd, Reane, has suffered with crippling hip pain for the last few years. My younger one, Charm, had severe ear problems for over two years. I had her ears debrided, switched to various types of top-rated dog foods, tried thyroid medication, etc. I faithfully cleaned and doctored her ears under a vet's prescribed regimen. She was so miserable that I was seriously considering euthanasia.

As a last resort, I ordered your Longevity and began giving it to them both. I am not one to be easily influenced by product claims. Within a week the older German Shepherd was trotting, running on all surfaces, chasing her ball and Frisbee, and was strongly motivated to work and perform again.

I began noticing immediate changes in the younger dog also. Her ears opened, and the discharge, swelling, and redness disappeared. Her ear carriage became erect again, and she stopped shaking her head. She is once again a happy, healthy dog. I am eternally grateful for a great product and look forward to many happy years with them receiving Longevity daily. Thank you.

Kathryn Currier, Wyoming