Dear Springtime,

Jimbo's Longevity photo is worth a thousand thank yous! Last Wednesday morning a week ago, our best boy severely injured his left front foreleg and paw…. I placed an order that morning to try your newest dog product – Longevity. It came for Jimbo, our seven year old English Springer, on Friday morning and he was given two doses daily. By Monday of this week, he was hardly limping. And by tonight he was miraculously bounding around with Gabby, our English Springer baby girl…. He barks for breakfast now, every time I prepare his morning meal mix of wet/dry food with Longevity. Many heartfelt thanks for continuing to improve and add to your superior quality formula line and saving me a trip to the vets. You can plan on repeat Longevity orders from us.

Bill, Carole, "Jimbo" and "Gabrielle" Shaw, New Hampshire