Dear Springtime,

I just returned home from a half-day meeting. Figured my nine year old, 85 lb yellow Lab Zach would be fine not being crated for a couple of hours… As you can figure, I wouldn't be writing if that were the case. I got home and found (among other things) my jar of Spirulina Tablets in bits and pieces. Of course, there were no bits and pieces of the tablets! I guess he figured since I feed him Longevity in his bowl twice a day, why not help himself to these?

I called to check with one of your customer reps, just to be sure that I didn't need to worry about his ingestion of these. And she assured me that I was correct, I didn't need to worry. I'll be holding off on his Longevity supplement for a couple of days, but Zach sure likes Longevity AND Spirulina Tablets!

As an aside – since starting him on Longevity, I've noticed a great improvement in his walking and alertness, as well as his coat being much softer. He's a rescue and has had bad knees since I got him. Since the Longevity, he is walking a ton better!

I've included some pics of the little stinker with his bottle of accomplishment… No guilt with this one! Thanks for your great products, both human and dog. I'll be reordering soon!

Sarah O. Schuck, Ohio