Dear Springtime,

My beautiful, soon to be 13 year old Flat Coated Retriever, Casey, had a malignant liver tumor removed in the summer of 2005. The options they suggested were not what we wanted for our beloved pet. We wanted his quality of life to be the best and decided to take other steps to make sure he was getting just that.

Three weeks after his liver surgery he ruptured his cruciate ligament in his left hind leg. The vet suggested another operation; she said without the operation he would become lame. We were devastated. Casey has been running with me every day for the past 12 years and the thought of him not being able to do what he loves the most was heartbreaking. Upon hearing this so soon after his first operation we decided to take another route. I found a holistic vet who put him on a special diet with herbs for the liver cancer and acupuncture once a month for his leg. I researched and found Springtime and decided to start him on Fresh Factors and Joint Health Chewables. When Longevity came out I decided to try it and now almost two years later his quality of life is what it used to be. We continue to walk everyday and he is healthy and happy. Thanks to your Springtime products, I feel that this has made a tremendous difference in his life and ours.

Earl & Dianna Dilulio, Maryland