Dear Springtime,

Thank you so much for making Longevity. My older dog, Mia, an eleven year old Terrier mix, was really showing her age. She was limping from a leg injury the vet was uncertain would ever heal. However, after just a few weeks on Longevity (which she loves) I started seeing the puppy return in my dog. She has lost weight, can exercise more, and there is no limp whatsoever. And, here is the real proof. My dog has always had one ear that stays half down. After a few weeks on Longevity I started noticing that both her ears stood straight up. I first wondered what was going on, that Mia looked different; her ears seemed to be quite large. After a few days of this, I actually could feel that the cartilage on her ears was thicker. It is amazing. My sister and friends were laughing a little as she looks like she may take off with the next wind, but I am just thrilled to have my little dog with me as long as possible.

Thanks again, Springtime – keep up the fantastic work!
Your friend and forever customer,
Margaret Cicolello, Florida