Dear Springtime,

I think it's about time I shared my Springtime story with your company. I share my home and life with two wonderful Doberman Pinschers, Cisco and Bella. Cisco, at nearly 10 years of age, had begun to show some tell-tale signs of being an older dog; he slowed down a bit, walked a little gingerly, and declined to play with the ever persistent if not obnoxious Bella. Cisco and I had competed quite regularly in obedience trials, and I thought in his twilight years he deserved to "take it easy." I had been ordering Springtime Stress Free Calmplex for Cisco for some time to help combat his severe separation anxiety, when I read about Longevity. I decided I should give it a try. Bella was herself working in obedience and nearing her championship in conformation, she could obviously benefit from it, so why not give the old man some too?

Bella's coat improved dramatically, she was retaining her conditioning better, and she just appeared healthier. But Bella was not what shocked me. Cisco seemed like a new dog. Cisco chased after Bella, he play-bowed, and ran around the yard. He literally had a spring in his step. Now I'm a skeptic, so I was hesitant to attribute to Longevitythat my semi-geriatric Doberman could now bound across the yard, but it was the only thing that had changed in his diet and his life. Clearly, it was the Longevity.

Cisco had always loved to train and compete in obedience. Judges always commented on how happy he looked when we were showing. On a whim, I decided to enter Cisco in a Rally trial. When Cisco realized HE was the one going to the show, he bounced all the way out to the car! After we were done competing, several spectators approached us to compliment Cisco's enthusiasm. You should have seen their mouths hit the ground when I told them he'd be ten in a week! He was the oldest dog competing by several years!

I could not have asked for more. Cisco loved competing again, and I had so much fun taking him through his paces, but the best was yet to come. Out of 17 dogs, Cisco and I were awarded first place!

Thank you Springtime for making Longevity!
Erin S. Pina, California