Dear Springtime,

I want to thank you for your wonderful products. For almost two years, my old girl, Cinnamon, and my young dog, Patches, have been on the Bug Off Garlic Granules and Longevity. What a difference in my old girl! At almost 14 she still wants to do agility.

…I had retired Cinnamon last year after we finally finished her two Novice Agility titles. She then informed me by jumping 26" jumps (her height was 20" and as a veteran is 16") that I had set up for Patches that she wanted to continue. So, I started showing her as USDAA agility trial (which allow mixed breeds). Out of four classes, we qualified and received two fourth place ribbons last year. I just took her for fun and she had a ball. If I had trained her at all, we probably could have qualified in the other two classes.

As long as she is happy and healthy, and is able to and wants to do agility I will continue to show her in a couple of classes. As with other dog folks, I enjoy showing my "fur kids" with who ever will look at them.

God bless you and all the people at Springtime for all your hard work and help for our dogs to make them have happier, healthier lives.

Sheila Dempsey,West Virginia