Dear Springtime,

I had become concerned about how quickly Cookie, my eight year old Golden Retriever, was aging. She was very stiff and was moving around less and less. I received your catalog in the mail and after reading the "Real Letters," quickly ordered the Longevity and Joint Health Chewables. What a difference! A year later she has returned to her spry, happy self! I now give them to our other three dogs: Kiwi, the Schipperke, Rio, the Border Collie, and Halo, the wolf-hybrid. Everyone is happy and healthy! We make several trips a week to our local off-leash park (100 acres).

The reason I am writing is to tell you my most recent experience with Cookie. She had developed a lump on her hindquarters. This became enlarged and then opened up overnight into a bloody mess (with her help!). The next morning, upon examination, our vet informed me that it was some type of a tumor or mass… My option was a surgery at an estimate of $3,500.00! I left her at the vet for observation and went home to discuss this with my family.

We decided that we wouldn't put her through the trauma of such a difficult surgery, not to mention not being able to afford it. My son and I went back to say good-bye and have her euthanized. The vet tech brought her into the room so we could spend our last time together. Cookie came in happy with her whole hind end wagging in glee at seeing us. The tech closed the door and left us alone with her.

At this point, it becomes unbelievable! The mass fell out on the floor… We called for help and the tech and the vet ran in and looked so shocked. They bandaged her up and left her with us so they could regain their composure. They came back in and gave her a mild sedative so they could examine the area. Basically, this tumor had just fallen out of her body and they were able to put in a few stitches and we took her home! (Biopsy came back benign).

That was two weeks ago and she is all healed up and we are back at the dog park with all of her friends. Our vet calls her "their miracle Cookie!" She said she has never seen anything like this before and still can't explain it. I truly believe that your supplements have made her body and immune system so strong that she was able to completely reject the tumor and heal herself. (That and a lot of prayers!)

Thank you for making such good quality supplements and helping so many people and animals.

Moni Piz Wilson, Colorado