Dear Springtime,

I have many years of experience with many different dogs and horses. I've used many products from many places, though never with very good results. The cost was phenomenal to the point where I couldn't afford to buy supplements for my dogs even if they needed them. I got to where I just didn't believe the selling points of products out there claiming all sorts of things until I started to use your Springtime Fresh Factors and Longevityon my old dogs.

A friend had started to use these products on her dogs with marvelous results and I decided to order with her. I started out using Fresh Factors and noticed a difference fairly soon. Then I switched to using Longevity and have been using that since then. I have been using it now for some time with wonderful results! My two Chesapeake Bay Retrievers are both AKC Champions. One of them recently passed away just shy of his 13th birthday (the one laying down in the photo, Britt). The other one sitting upright in the photo is Grendl, who just celebrated his 13th birthday on July 30th. I believe that without Longevity they would not have done as well as long as they had.

For some years, before I started to use Longevity they could no longer jump into the back or the front of my pickup or onto my bed to snuggle with me anymore. When I started to use your product on my boys, it wasn't very long before Britt was found in the back of the pickup all by himself! And then they were able to jump into the cab of my pickup with no problems and then onto my bed once again. It had been years since they could do that! Grendl is still able to leap up into the cab at age 13. My Cardigan Corgi, also the same age, doesn't limp near like he did.

I have since told other Chesapeake Bay Retriever owners who have dogs that veterinarians can't seem to help. They have written me about how they were amazed at the huge difference Longevity made. I wish I could get all their pictures together in honor of Britt, who has passed away, and his brother, Grendl, because I would love to share their stories as well.

Thank you for such wonderful products! And keep up the "Buy 2 Get 1 Free" option, as that has been a huge seller for me. Thank you!

Kathy Olding, Alaska