Dear Springtime,

I have wanted to write in and tell you thank you! All of our animals are now on Springtime products and so am I! I was introduced to your products a couple of years ago by my mom who was using Fresh Factors for her dogs. Since then I am a true believer and currently use Bug Off Garlic Granules for my horses and dogs, Longevity for my dogs, Tonic Blend and Spirulina Tablets for me. My mom continues to use your products for her horses and dogs as well.

We do dog rescue and most of the dogs we take in are in pretty bad shape. The first thing we do is add Springtime products to a good diet to get them on the road to recovery….Our Boston Terrier, Motor-Boating Max, who competes in dock jumping, is a different dog this year since we have added Longevity to his diet. He has improved in athletic ability and seems so much healthier. He had been jumping in the range of 10 feet, and then earlier this year jumped 11 feet three inches in Michigan. Well, at his last competition Max jumped an amazing 14 feet three inches!

I am a true believer!

Melissa Jordan, Ohio
Little Briar Patch Rescue/Team Little Briar Patch