Dear Springtime,

I have three dogs. All are registered therapy dogs. Two of them are rescues who were in poor shape when I got them. All my dogs and my cat receive Springtime supplements. One of my rescued dogs has experienced extreme transformation.

Lassie, my Rough Collie, was 106 pounds when she was rescued. We needed to shave all her hair off because she was totally matted. She was nine years old with joint problems because of the weight along with a lot of other physical problems. She was immediately placed on a diet but I was very concerned about nutrition. I fed a super premium food along with Springtime supplements (Longevity, Joint Health Formula, and Bug Off Garlic Granules). It took nine months for her to lose 40 pounds, and another nine months for all her hair to grow back.

The old, matted, overweight lame Collie that no one wanted one and a half years ago is now a ten year old dog that everyone wants. She is healthy, happy, and beautiful! Thank you, Springtime!

Robin Lawson, Ohio