Dear Springtime,

I have an 11 year old Border Collie/Australian Shepherd cross, Ceilidh (pronounced Kaylee) who, two years or so ago, tore her ACL ligament. At her age I did not want to put her through surgery so I looked for alternative treatments to make her comfortable and able to get around. Also, I noticed that her hips were getting stiff and she was just starting to act like an old dog - seemed reasonable to me as she was nearing the high end of her expected life span. She found it hard to get her hind end up in the morning and she was moving slowly and clearly didn't feel very well.

I found your company online and started with your Joint Health Chewables. It definitely seemed to help and when I was reordering, I noticed your Longevity. Couldn't hurt, I thought, so I put her on it. Little did I know. The change was dramatic. Not only can you not tell that her ACL was ever damaged, she has started trying to play with my two younger, much larger dogs. She bounces up with noticeable energy in the morning like a youngster, runs out with the boys and looks to me to throw her something to catch! That hasn't happened in years! Her coat has come back thick and beautiful and you would never know she is 11 except for the white muzzle. All of her old human friends who noticed her slow decline have asked me what in the world I was doing to create such a dramatic change. Everyone has noticed. I am so grateful to you people for this formula and I have recommended it to all my friends with old dogs and even give them jars to try. Thank you for helping my dear old Ceilidh to have a vigorous and pain-free old age. Keep up the good work and I will keep telling my friends.

Linda Veum, Montana