Dear Springtime,

Greetings from Los Angeles! My friend Nicolette and I both own elderly black and tan wiener dogs. Nic told me about Longevity after meeting Nike, a German Shepherd who was destined to be put down three years ago and has been taking Longevity and is still here! Playing with her ball, living in N's neighborhood and being a great testament to the power of your product! Since then we BOTH have been walking and talking advertisements for your products. I've emailed friends across the country, at work I've given away your catalogs. At the dog park we've both shown off our "new" dogs and how shiny their coats have gotten and Gigi has lost weight! Our two dogs (Chow Chows) are getting in their new fur and are getting more energetic. The elder Chow is playing like she used to! Amazing, simply amazing. I heard just this morning that a woman I had given a catalog to has started her Husky on Longevity because he was beginning to get hip problems. He's too young to lose! More later! Thank you again from the west coast! It's not the quantity of life - it's the quality! :)

Elizabeth Romaine, California
The Willoughby Kennel