Dear Springtime,

I am a long time breeder who attends shows, hunts, breeds and also judges occasionally. Longevity was the first product purchased with retired dogs in mind but was soon added to the menu for everyone including bitches in whelp and even added to the initial weaning diet of four week old pups. Once they are on it, they stay on it for life.

Longevity certainly produces all the desired results and more as indicated on your website. Without exception, all of my dogs, 14 in total, love the taste. What was not mentioned on your site is the fact that my dogs teeth, even the 14 year old (whose teeth have never been cleaned), are now amazingly free of plaque after eating Longevity. I know this is due to using your product alone as no other variable was introduced to their feeding schedule during the time frame. I attribute this unmentioned bonus of "cleaner teeth" to the key live food factors found in Longevity.

Additionally, my 14 year old, who was going downhill fast, now has a bit of spring back in his step and my 12 year old terrier is acting like a puppy again. As advised on your website, I also use the Bug Off Garlic Granules in conjunction with Longevity during the warmer seasons and am equally glad not to have to use the advertised chemical concoctions to keep flies at bay.

I was amazed and extremely grateful to have found such a superior additive to help keep my kennel of Conquest Jack Russell Terriers of all ages healthy. I am a strong advocate for Longevity and have started to endorse your product to my clients.

Yours in sport,
N. Gaye Redpath, Canada
Conquest Terriers & Pleasant Boarding Kennel