Dear Springtime,

On February 9, 2009 I sent an order to Springtime to purchase Longevity for my 12 year old Golden Retriever, Duncan. He has had two doses of two scoops since 2/19/09 so far and has shown more pep and enthusiasm already. He has problems in his right hip. Also, he has hypothyroidism for which he takes meds. Without Longevityhe has a lot of stiffness and pain and he starts to limp and favor his sore legs. He won't come upstairs so much, and he has runny reddened eyes and his skin itches a lot. The vet says it is allergies, but as soon as he gets started back on Longevity he improves instantly and within a week or less all of the above symptoms goes away. This is why I totally think that Longevityis helping him. The thyroid condition causes him to lose energy and he would lay around with no interest. The thyroid meds help, but when I started Longevity he started to behave like a puppy again. It's really amazing.

Well I have to tell you, I was very pleased with the customer service that was extended to me. I can still remember good old fashioned customer service and it is refreshing to find a company that still holds the values true to their heart. In this day and age it sure is nice to know that there are still some great companies left. You are a faith restorer, a breath of fresh air.

Brenda Kobayashi, California