Dear Springtime,

We began giving Longevity to our 14 year old Chocolate Labrador, Reese, in late November 2008. By mid-December, he began showing an interest in his toys again (something he hadn't done in years.)

He now brings his favorite ball to us for games of fetch every day. He is not as quick as he once was, but it brings us such joy to see him play again! Adding a few rounds of fetch to his daily walk has resulted in his taking some weight off too!

Last night when we returned home from work, we caught Reese napping on our sofa. He had not been able to climb on our furniture for years due to weakness in his hind quarters.

Because this supplement comes in a powdered form, it is easy to administer by simply adding it to his daily food. I also found that by introducing it gradually per the instructions, it was well tolerated.

I have never written to any company about a product, but the significant difference Longevity has made in the quality of our dog's life has inspired me to thank you! We recommend your products to every dog owner we meet.

Patty Smith, West Virginia