Dear Springtime,

I first purchased your products early summer of 2003. A friend of mine gave me one of your catalogues after I told her the terrible problem I was having with ticks and how they were a chronic problem for my 5-year old Missouri Fox Trotter (we had recently moved to Oklahoma). The tick bites were causing a severe reaction, which resulted in sores over his body, tail, ears and mane. He was in very bad shape. I had tried repellent sprays and ointments recommended by vets and nothing was helping him. The Bug Off Garlic really worked for him. Not only did I put this in his feed, but I also made a salve of water and Bug Off Garlic, which I applied to the sores.

At present time he receives a double dose and my other two horses receive a single dose. Although the horses are around trees and on pasture during the day, and the fact that we had a mild winter and very wet summer, I feel confident in saying, "ticks are not a problem for any of the horses."

Kristina Kippenberger, Oklahoma