Dear Springtime,

Donkeys have a unique problem that seems to affect only them. Flies will literally eat their lower legs raw and bloody in a very short time. We spend most of fly season trying various creative ways to repel these pests from their legs while at the same time trying to heal the sores. Since feeding Bug Off Garlic, we have noticed that the flies are still there, but not biting their legs raw. The old sores are healing and hair is growing back. How easy that was! Just feed Bug Off Garlic no wraps to change, no sprays or salves to buy, and then apply and apply and apply! The Bug Off Garlic keeps working during rain, a roll, etc. It's always active!

We have also noticed that we do not have the usual gnats and flies attracted to the manure, either. All in all, from our experience so far, I would recommend that if you've been thinking about feeding Bug Off Garlic for fly control, DO IT! A big thanks and lots of thankful brays from Diamond Jim's LongEars Acres!

Lorie and Jimmy Black, Florida