Dear Springtime,

As the owner of four Appaloosa horses (three mares and a young stallion), I show horses and also participate in short trail rides and parades. Oklahoma, where we live, has abundant grass and is generally a good place for horses. However, the pastures, grasslands, and woodlands are perfect harbors for ticks, chiggers, and just about anything that makes a meal off of horses, including abundant flies and dreaded mosquitoes. I have tried just about every kind of spray on, wipe on, dab on, and roll on for the problem, but to no avail. Some products work for a short time and some not at all. All of them are expensive.

In 2005, I was having quite a problem in the show ring because when you show at halter, the horse needs to be standing still and the flies were surely giving us problems. My friend and fellow horse enthusiast, Dr. Guy Sneed, D.O., gave me some of your Bug Off Garlic to try. He believed it would help. After about a week of feeding it, I began to tell the difference. A short time later, my horses were calmer and more at ease. I not only cured the fly problem, but the mosquitoes and ticks were not around anymore! I could hardly believe the results of using that product.

In 2006, our red leopard Appaloosa stallion, Wacipi's Dreamdancer, will start making his way in the show ring. I believe that Bug Off Garlic will give him a distinct advantage in competition and a better opportunity to become a champion. I believe in this product and I would recommend it to any person who has horses and a problem with bugs.

Thank you!
Ride Safely,
Dan D. McMillan, Oklahoma
District Representative, International Colored Appaloosa Association