Dear Springtime,

I wanted to let you know that I've used the Springtime products Gamma, J-Flex, Hoof & Coat Formula, Fresh Factors (for my elderly dog), and Bug Off Garlic for many years. These are the only products I've found to be worth the money spent. People who own horses that come to the barn will almost always ask where are all the flies?! They can't believe that we have that much control with a couple of scoops of garlic in their feed. Gamma, J-Flex, and Hoof & Coat Formula, Hoof & Coat Formulahelped us bring Comanche, an ex-roping horse that was thin and lame when he came to us, back to good health. I can say with complete confidence that my horses (and my dog Tasha) are happier and healthier because of the Springtime products we give them.

Keep up the good work!
Jean Smith, Texas