Dear Springtime,

I just received my latest order, and my, are the horses ever glad! I miscalculated and ran out of Bug Off Garlic, so the horses were getting bug eaten and agitated. It sure makes a difference!

I am continually impressed with your products and service. My twenty one year old Percheron gelding, Jed, looks great this spring, earning compliments on how much better he is looking with age. I refer everyone to Springtime. The horses are gleaming with no baths and no brushing, just Bug Off Garlic and some are on Spirulina Wafers, too. …I used Spirulina Wafers to boost one horse over a cough and runny nose, as well as prepare my Arabian mares (age 20 years and nine years) for breeding.

My Toy Fox Terrier, Zoe, goes everywhere with me, indoors and out, to the fields and beyond, so Bug Off Garlic is essential for her, too, and keeps the ticks and fleas at bay. We're using Fresh Factors for an older dog as well.

Thanks for offering natural products that work!
Chloe Molner, North Carolina