Dear Springtime,

As a health-oriented breeder of quality AKC Rough Collies, I am always looking for quality supplements to bring out the best in my kennel dogs. My female Rough Collie was on Longevity for several months before we bred her. And, she continued on Longevity throughout the pregnancy.

Wow, did we get a big surprise when she whelped a litter of 11 puppies! We were only expecting six pups by the ultrasound. So we did not expect this many pups. This was an exceptionally large litter.

All pups came out with normal weights for their sex. I had no runts. And none died. All pups survived and are now thriving little dogs. That in itself is some kind of record for health and robustness of the pups.

Also, our eye check for Collie Eye Anomaly, a genetic defect, came out terrific! None of the 11 puppies had a coloboma (a genetic defect). This is quite some record, as litters usually have one or two coloboma pups. Some breeders have more.

So I must say, as the breeder, some magic happened with this breeding and litter. Healthy pups, great eye checks, all pups are happy and thriving. So, I think some magic happened with Longevity in the diet.

Now Mom has her 'figure' back to her trim and slim self, and has rebounded with robust health and beautiful fur growing back in.

What can I say? It must be the Longevity magic at work!

Barbara Kubichka
Washoe Valley Collies, Nevada