Dear Springtime,

I own two Jack Russell Terriers, ages eight (Missy) and eleven (Taz). The male, Taz, has been diagnosed this past year with high blood sugar and cortisol levels in the blood. The cortisol level was under control within a few months; however, the blood sugar has been a struggle. To add to his ailments, he developed cataracts very rapidly due to the uncontrolled diabetes. He had only 10% vision remaining. Although he remained a happy dog, it was a heartache to see him struggle outside of his environment in our home.

I have been purchasing your garlic pills to control ticks and fleas for the last few years and am very pleased with the results. I had both dogs on a glucosamine product to help them in their senior years, however, it did not appear to be working after using for one year. Both dogs seemed to suffer from joint pain periodically. I decided to try your Longevity product. I began using Longevity on December 16, 2009, marking the side of the container to monitor any progress noticed.

Within three to four weeks Missy stopped limping (due to a broken leg when she was a puppy), and I noticed that Taz was not struggling to find his way around the house as much. As we neared the end of January, I began to notice his eyes were very clear and it appeared the cataracts were less noticeable. While visiting my vet for Taz's monthly glucose check, I mentioned to him that Taz's vision miraculously seemed to be improving. He stated that he had done research on products with high levels of antioxidants actually dissolving cataracts in dogs and cats.

When I began using the Longevity my hope was to ease both their joint pain, improving their quality of life. Never in my wildest dreams would I believe this product in any way could improve vision for a dog with cataracts! Taz is living proof your product is miraculous! And Missy no longer has her periodic limp from the former broken leg. They both have a little more "pep in their step." I have friends and neighbors with older pets that I have spread the news to about your products. I cannot thank you enough for improving both my dogs' quality of life for however long I have them.

Debra Dodgson, Pennsylvania