Dear Springtime,

Boomer is my Golden Retriever, and his 14th birthday pictures say it all! Longevity has been his "fountain of youth" for the past two years.

At age twelve, his hips were deteriorating due to joint problems. He was on a low dose of a prescription drug and totally collapsed as a side effect from it. I took him off the medication immediately. I was desperate to find him the right supplement that could help his hips.

That's when my dear friend told me about Longevity. I was amazed to start watching the changes in him. He was walking so much better, and not only that, but his coat was turning luxurious again. My new vet is amazed at how healthy he is for his age. All his organs are working great and his heart is strong. Longevity is so complete that it changed his total health, inside and out. I cannot thank you enough, Springtime, for helping my old boy and giving me the peace of mind that I was doing the very best for him. I tell everyone about the wonders of Longevity. Fourteen years ago, he was the Christmas puppy to three adoring children and over the years has been the most wonderful and loyal friend. He deserves the quality of life that he has given back. Longevity has made that possible. Thank you again, Springtime, for loving our animals and making truly good, effective safe products for them.

Thank you!
Patty Cook and "Boomer," Nevada