Dear Springtime,

I just got back from a follow-up visit to the vet with my cat, Sampson, and wanted to share my appreciation. For the prior five years, this animal had a miserable time with ear infection after ear infection. We have had multiple surgeries, restricted diets, antibiotics by the dozen and most recently this year he was diagnosed with MRSA.

My dog had surgery this year for her elbows and a friend recommended that I start her on the Longevity formula. One day, after a vet appointment with the cat, I wondered if the stuff wouldn't help Sampson. I called your office, spoke with my vet and started the cat on it. He is a new animal. His ears have NEVER looked this good. It's been about seven months now on the Longevity and the vet has been impressed with how his ears look. You can't know how great it is to hear "his ears look so clear and healthy" as opposed to "he has another infection." I never thought I'd hear this! It's so nice to see him comfortable. Thank you so much!

Kristen Carpentier, Vermont