Dear Springtime,

I just wanted to drop a line or two and thank you for your wonderful products. I've used your products for over six years and recently started all my dogs on Longevity. I did this due to the spirulina component of the supplement and its tremendous benefits. I take your Spirulina Tablets with excellent results and thought it would also benefit my dogs (German Shepherd, age six, English Setter, age ten, English Setter, age two and Mini Doxie, age two).

They all have great hair coats, but the biggest shock was the attitude and energy change in our ten year old Setter, Mattie. She has always been a "puppy" at heart but had started to slow down. She didn't want anything to do with our youngest Setter or our Doxie pup. After about two months on Longevity, she's now bouncing around and play bowing, trying to entice her house mates to play. It's wonderful to see her so full of herself again. All my friends are aware of your company due to the excellent outcomes I have shared with them. I'm grateful for your products as they allow me to provide the best care for my four-legged family at a very reasonable price.

Lori Burian, Pennsylvania