Dear Springtime,

Fancy, our 8 year old Yorkie, suffered from flea bites that left her skin raw and bleeding despite steroid creams and antihistamines. Usual flea control methods such as collars and drops produced severe side-effects – and didn't seem to bother the fleas.

Then a year ago, Bug Off Garlic Chewables caught our eye in an advertisement. Skeptical, I said, "Probably bogus. But the price is reasonable; let's try it. Nothing else works."

In the year since, no fleas, no scratching, no raw skin. The only side effect is, Fancy's breath can knock a buzzard off of a brick outhouse for a few minutes after her nightly dose of Bug Off Garlic Chewables. Thank you, Springtime!

Peter, Marilyn and "Fancy" Van Auken, California