Dear Springtime,

Once again, a product of yours has saved the day, or should I say, saved the dog. Last year our six year old Cocker Spaniel, Tuffy, had a droopy eye and jaw after we applied a well-known flea preventive. I had noticed that every time we applied the flea preventative that Tuffy would be lethargic for several days. However, this time there was real cause for concern. She looked as if she had a stroke. I immediately upped her Fresh Factors and took her to the vet. She lost her blink reflex in her eye, but her jaw droopiness has disappeared. We decided there would be no more flea preventative applications for our baby. So we started her on one Bug Off Garlic Chewables every morning. The results were impressive. No fleas all year and we walk Tuffy often and there are squirrels and chipmunks in our yard. Tuffy is not especially fond of the scent of Bug Off Garlic Chewables, but takes it as long as we have a few Fresh Factors (which she loves) and a treat to follow. Once again, we are extremely happy with your products. I wrote you several years ago about how the Fresh Factors extended our other cocker's life by 4 years. Harley has passed now, but we know the Fresh Factors allowed him to be with us longer than expected.

Very Satisfied customers,
Glenn & Mary Long, Illinois