Dear Springtime,

I am truly amazed at how your Bug Off Garlic Chewables have so quickly worked. My dog had fleas so bad. I tried a spot-on flea product on him and it seemed to attract more fleas. I went to the pet store and they gave me another brand, and that didn't work either. I put boric acid on the floor and that didn't work. I tried organic products that didn't work. We would spend hours picking the fleas off Freddie morning and night, only to do it over again the next day. I started searching the internet to see what was out there that was safe to use on Freddie and found your website. I had read that garlic wasn't good for dogs so before I ordered it I called my vet and asked him. He said it was okay to use. We started giving Freddie the Bug Off Garlic Chewables and I keep checking Freddie every morning for fleas and haven't found one. I just had to write you to thank you for your product.

Nikki Pollak, California