Dear Springtime,

I have had wonderful luck with your products. Many years ago I had a Cocker Spaniel who was developing joint problems in her feet. Her feet were actually turning in, like she was pigeon-toed. A friend told me about Fresh Factors and in one week, her feet were back to normal and she was running around like a puppy. After that I decided to give it to my other two dogs.

Now I am on another set of dogs (everyone else is in heaven), and from the get-go I gave them Fresh Factors. I have two Cockers and a Golden. Recently, I tried Bug Off Garlic Chewables, as I did not like using the chemical for fleas and ticks. Well, it works. I should have known it would. We are flea and tick free! And no more harsh chemicals! I am delighted!

Thank you so much for your wonderful products.
Maryann Haginas, Maryland