Dear Springtime,

It has been at least three months or more and I have to say, the Bug Off Garlic Chewables tablets for dogs is incredible! My husband and I have seen a remarkable difference for both our dogs. Since spring is here, we have not seen a single flea, fly, gnat, mosquito, tick or any other critters hanging around our girls, Gracie and Jayda. No more allergic reactions to gnat bites; no more horse flies biting them on the back, neck, legs and anywhere else they can manage to land. No more ticks sticking around for a snack and as a matter a fact, they don't even come near them!

I've used chemical products on my girls in the past without nearly the same result! While on the chemical brand, Gracie, our yellow girl, always had ticks on her and contracted lyme disease. When I was introduced to your product by a friend who believes very strongly in the holistic care of pets, I had to give it a try. I cannot tell you enough how Bug Off Garlic Chewables has encouraged us in that we are not only giving our dogs a healthy supplement, we are also protecting them from nasty pests and the danger of infections from them! Thank you for a great product! Gracie and Jayda thank you as well! Thank you again!

The Albert Family, Connecticut