Dear Springtime,

I'd just like to thank you so much for this product. My nearly two year old yellow Lab lives in our backyard. A few months after he started living out back, we tried things like powdered lime and other methods to try and keep the fleas away. Well, of course, he was allergic to the lime (I think it burned him) and the other flea ridding products didn't work. So, I did some research because I was too scared to try chemical flea treatments after hearing all the horror stories that those poor dogs went through, putting poison directly on their skin, unknowingly like we did with the lime.

When I luckily came upon your site and read all the wonderful things that people were saying, I bought this product and EUREKA! I had my lifetime product! I am always going to get the Bug Off Garlic Chewables from you all! He absolutely LOVES them! Even when he doesn't want to eat his food, he'll pick them out and eat them alone. Now, when I bathe him, I see no fleas, and the flies don't bother with him anymore. So, he has no more problems with bugs, except those pesky ants that get to his food before he does.

Anyway, I just want to thank you for a wonderful product and you have made my parents and me believers. I told my dad (who said in the beginning that I wasted my money), that Taz won't have any problems with bugs anymore because he "tastes" bad to them and it's a proven fact that I was right and I hope you NEVER stop making this product.

Myisha and "Taz" Dean, Virginia